Medical Malpractice

Healthcare professionals face unprecedented regulatory, business, and legal pressures. It is crucial for medical professionals — including doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and others in the healthcare field — to have medical malpractice insurance to cover claims regarding medical mistakes, misdiagnosis, or other situations where a patient suffers harm or monetary damages.

Here's the good news: Fee Insurance Group is one of the few agency in Kansas that can help you navigate healthcare professional liability options. Our long-standing relationships with several of the leading healthcare professional liability insurers give you cost-effective options from which to choose.

As a single-source solution, Fee can make your insurance portfolio simpler and less time-consuming. We help provide coverage for the full range of healthcare situations:

  • Healthcare systems, hospitals, and clinics

  • Physicians

  • Allied healthcare professionals and facilities

  • Other healthcare liability insurance and services


>  What You Shouldn’t Overlook When Shopping for Malpractice Coverage

While professional liability coverage is a key component to protecting any medical facility, be sure not to miss other areas that leave your business exposed. Some areas for consideration are property, quake and flood, cyber and ransomware, and employment practices. We’d love to take a closer look at your current policy.