Homeowners Insurance

Your home is more than a place to live. It’s where memories are made, where treasured heirlooms are held, and it’s where your family finds sanctuary in the most challenging of times. Help make sure your family’s most important investment is covered against unforeseen circumstances. 

Fee understands that the loss of a home is one of the most devastating events in a family’s life. We’ll help find products to insure your home, outbuildings and belongings against damage, loss and claims.

Financial loss shouldn’t be your biggest concern during a catastrophic event. With Fee, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your property is insured – so you can focus on your family’s well-being.


Potential Discounts

Certain factors can lower the cost of your home insurance:

  • Burglar alarms

  • Age of the house

  • Fire and smoke alarms

  • Type of construction

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Companion auto policy

Homeowners insurance is usually sold as a package with the basic components listed below. If you want more extensive protection, we can work with you to customize a home ownership package that provides additional, specialized coverage.


  • Covers legal claims and expenses for injury or property damage to another party by you, your family, or your pets.

  • Coverage extends anywhere in the world.

  • Includes no-fault medical coverage. Anyone injured on your property can submit medical bills to your company without having to file a liability claim against you.



  • Covers your home as well as detached buildings such as garages and tool sheds.

  • Helps protect against damage due to fire and storms; but not due to flood, earthquakes, or normal wear and tear.

  • Trees, shrubs, and plants are generally covered.

Personal Belongings

  • Covers furniture and the other contents of your home.

  • Includes coverage for personal belongings damaged or destroyed while not in your home.

  • Costly items such as jewels and furs are not covered for their full value. A special Personal Articles rider policy is required to insure the items for their full value.

Living Expenses

  • Covers the cost up to the limits in the policy of living away from home if you are unable to live in your home due to damage or loss.

  • Coverage usually extends for a specified period of time.

  • Reimburses you for rent you would have collected from tenants, if you rent part of your house to others.