Kansas companies are not immune to malicious cyber attackers. We personally know organizations in Hutchinson, Wichita, and across the state that have faced the messy aftermath of a data breach -- and it's both expensive and damaging to their reputations. 

As our world has grown increasingly connected, hackers have grown more sophisticated and hostile in their efforts to undermine businesses. We now face threats few could’ve imagined a few decades ago, such as ransomware that holds a company’s computer network hostage and self-replicating computer viruses capable of collecting all your customer data. Breaches in an information technology system isn’t only devastating to the company’s operations, it can trigger a stream of lawsuits capable of causing financial ruin.

Fee can recommend a cyber insurance package to help protect you against your unique set of risks.


>  Potential Cyber Exposure:

  • Business interruption

  • Data breaches

  • Intellectual property rights

  • Cyber extortion

  • Damages to a third-party system



— Cyber attacks aren’t just for the big guys. —

72% of the 855 data breaches analyzed were at companies with 100 employees or less.
— Verizon Communication, 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report