In the course of doing business, your organization interacts with a wide variety of people including employees, contractors, clients, vendors, and others. At some point, one of them could claim that your business caused them loss or injury and take legal action against you. In an increasingly litigious environment, it’s critical to have liability insurance to stand against claims and lawsuits.

Fee’s experience and connections with top carriers give you solutions for your situation and industry. You’ve worked too hard to leave your business exposed to risk. Let Fee help you obtain liability insurance to defend your work and your future.  


Fee’s experienced team can help you determine products to help protect against a variety of assaults on your business, such as:

  • Injuries on your property, such as slips or falls

  • Bodily injury or property damage to a third party cause by your work or your employee's activities

  • Liability of others you assume under contracts

  • Bodily injury or damage to another's property due to a defect in your product

  • Libel, slander, or business disparagement

  • Copyright infringement