Don't let language barriers stop you.

Insurance can often times be confusing, and with language barriers involved, it complicates things even more. Learn how Fee Insurance can help you bridge the gap.

The demographics of Kansas, especially in the southwestern part of the state, are changing and evolving every day. Our company, which has been around for more than a century, makes it a priority to keep up with that evolution. Families, organizations, and communities of all ethnicities across the Midwest trust in Fee to advise and protect what matters most to them most through insurance products and risk management.

 Insurance is often very complex and a confusing topic. When language barriers are added into the mix, advising and building relationships is event harder to accomplish. Once a level of trust is achieved, a working relationship is established and questions pertaining to certain insurance related topics can be addresses. One topic we consult our clients on pertains to Workers Compensation. Workers compensation insurance provides you with peace of mind knowing if one of your employees is injured while on the job, medical benefits, death benefits, and loss wages are all available.

There is often lack of clarity between a sound risk management program and workers compensation. As risk advisors, this is one way we bridge the gap. We help organizations implement safety and risk management programs so that we can improve claims frequency and severity, drive costs down, and create an overall happier, safer, and healthier workplace. We do this through several processes: loss control on walkthroughs, development of return to work programs, and most importantly, access to our Fee Risk Management portal. This iCloud based portal offers over 500 bilingual safety videos, incident tracking, OSHA compliance information, and so much more. 

We are always look for new and improved ways to provide value to our clients and an ability to speak English and Spanish has helped many of our client close the language barrier gap when it comes to improving their overall business.

This is just one way out of many we continue to move forward, together with our clients. If you’d like to connect, give us a call!

Queen Bee